Analisis Manajemen Produksi Usaha Rengginang Singkong


  • Nilam Puspita


Production Management, Planning, Organizing, Implementation And Supervision


The development of the food processing industry in Indonesia, which is supported by agricultural natural resources, is capable of producing a variety of processed products that can be made and developed from local or regional natural resources. Home industry companies are small companies run by families or small groups such as home industries. As time goes by, what happens in the business world makes companies start thinking about quality business concepts. The production manager directs various inputs so that they can produce various outputs or results in certain quantities, qualities, times and places according to consumer demand. To achieve this, scheduling is needed so that the output produced can be completed according to the target. One of the results of food processing made from cassava in Malang district is rengginang cassava.




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